I have a step by step plan below.

This weeks Niche Market of the Week is Starting a Bounce House Business. You can start this business from home as a part-time gig or full-time operation. Bounce Houses Rent for $150 – $500+ a day per house! (depending on size and location.)

You can find a great list of the professional grade Ninja Jump bounce houses right here on Amazon.

Ninja Jump Only List: http://amzn.to/1h7t6dw

Here is a wider range of companies that sell professional grade bounce houses. http://amzn.to/1NDVIrv

Here’s the plan…

• Have a truck van or vehicle that can hold a deflated bounce house. Possible a trailer if your operation is going to be big.

• A small blower. This is sometimes included with the house. The blower must be turned on for the bounce house to inflate. So you will need 1 blower per bounce house.

• Long extension cords. You never know where your customers closest plug is located. Out Door Extension Cords can be found very cheap and highly rated. here http://amzn.to/1I64mb5

• Weights or ground stakes. I’ve seen these houses use both. Weights would be more convenient but carry a heavy price in more ways than one. Ground stakes will have low cost but require physical hammering and removal.

• Marketing Material. Always Always Always put a sign on your bounce house or in front of your bounce house at every party and every event. This is FREE advertising. The kids who attend will beg their parents to get a bounce house for their birthday party (trust me, I’ve seen it first hand). This will be your best form of advertisement. Include a business card holder on the side of the house or on the sign and get free customers. I can create signs or business cards for your business if you don’t have a “guy”. Just go to my website and send me a message. http://www.professorrare.com/services.html

• Create a fun website with bright colors and a lot’s of pictures of your bounce houses. If you want a great looking website without any coding knowledge go with Wix. Here is the link to try it out completely free with no strings attached. http://bit.ly/1U8A9z6

• WordPress is another great option but a little confusing to setup. BlueHost actually made it so simple you can set it up in 15 mins just by clicking buttons. Great domain service as well. Check this deal out! http://bit.ly/1V3phoq

As with any business venture rules, laws and regulations for your particular area should always be followed. I offer no guarantees of any kind as the success of your business does not rest on my shoulders. I only submit to you my ideas and findings. Your results are in your hands.

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