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We respect our affiliates. It is easy to join a group or network where people have mission of helping others earning money.

At cash Agency , we go beyond the expectations of typical paid-to-click website. We cater to those who are looking for maximum earnings for their time. We know your time is valuable and we are willing to pay for it! You, your friends and your network can get a large number of clicks or sign ups for our advertisers, and you can earn mega bucks.

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  • Cost per lead

    This is a direct lead generation program. Cost-per-Lead or CPL models focus on generating concrete sales leads through sign-ups or other converting actions and are a powerful tool for launching new products or moving consumers through the purchase funnel for high-value items.

  • Cost per download

    This is advanced program and is ideal for campaigns looking to build loyalty or drive consumer engagement. Cost-per-Download focuses on consumers downloading a specified resource. Used in conjunction with our App Download Tracking, Cost-per-Download is a powerful tool for performance campaigns on mobile.

  • Cost per call

    This is additional feature used in conjunction with our call tracking technology, Cost-per-Call models are ideal for high-value products, giving consumers the option of purchasing over the phone.

  • Cost per advertising

    This will give you special offer CPC advertising. Here you can generate Cost-per-Click advertising campaigns pay commission for clicks generated to your website and are an important measure for online campaigns aimed at generating and measuring awareness and interest.

  • CPM advertising

    This is advanced campaign. CPM here refers to Cost-per-Mille or Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions. CPM advertising campaigns can leverage mid to long-tail publishers on the Cash Agency network to add reach and deliver impressions at a very competitive cost. As an advertiser you are able to specify site environments and use our specialist tracking technology and a range of targeting tools to avoid duplication and maximize exposure to your target audience.