Ido Leffler, Co-Founder of Yoobi, Cheeky, and Yes To Carrots is a serial entrepreneur! Ido’s company Yoobi, supplies for school, home and office give back per purchase. Yoobi’s business model is one-for-one.

A popular one-for-one business model is Tom’s Shoes. For every item a customer buys, another item is donated. Are one-for-one business models profitable and successful? Ken and Ido discuss the One-for-one Business Model. Ido explains how successful a company can become with this model as long as they start using it from the ground up.

What are Yoobi’s 3 Pillars to Success?

1. Incredible People

2. Kick A** Product

3. An Awesome Cause

Watch the rest of Ido’s interview to hear how you can empower a cause and grow a business at the same time!

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