Blogging For Business Growth

You probably had to play the “trust game” at some point in your life…

summer camp, a company retreat, or some sort of family event.

It’s the one where you have to fold your arms, close your eyes, and

simply fall back, trusting that the person (s) appointed to catch you

will do so, hopefully before you crack your head on the ground. All

sorts of things start running through your head, as you try to calculate

whether blowing all the air out of your lungs just before you start to fall will

make you lose a couple of pounds, making the catching part easier.

You quickly learn Uncle Bob is not to be trusted. And Joe in accounting,

well he’s pretty shady too!

In a purchase or acquisition, you fork over your hard earned cash, and

“trust” that the person you just paid will fulfill their promise,

whatever that may be.

Many businesses today use what is referred to as a sales funnel. They

make an introductory communication and include their product or

service offer, then try to force people into their sales funnel. While that

may have worked in the past, it doesn’t work now. We aren’t partying

like it’s 1999 anymore. (Heck, he isn’t even Prince anymore!)

With the continued reach of the internet, and everyone and their dog

having their own website and social media accounts, today’s buyers are

more savvy, more skeptical, and have more choices than ever before.

So how do you set yourself apart from the pack? How do you make

people line up to willingly fall back, and trust you to catch them?

There is a whole nurturing process involved. You need to get people to

know, like, and trust you. Then they will try and buy from you; it’s all

about building a relationship with your customers and prospects.

It’s actually quite simple. Please note, I said simple, not easy. Maintaining

a good blog is not hard work, just a lot of work.

Blogging is one of the number one ways to reach a broad audience, and

it affords an unlimited number of times to engage them. It’s the online

version of ‘wining and dining’ your audience; when you do it, you need to

do it well.

You wouldn’t serve a guest at your house spray cheese on a stale cracker,

with a cup of flat soda from the night before, so keep that in mind as you

create your content.

You need to be clear, honest, relevant, and personable. (No one wants to

read a blog that looks like it was written by the teacher from Ferris Bueller’s

Day Off. Bueller? … Bueller?? … Bueller???)

In a study completed by Hubspot, one of the premier research leaders in

inbound marketing, they discovered companies that blogged consistently,

averaged about 55% more visitors. That means 55% more opportunities to

get those people to know you and like you.

Your reach is only limited by how good, relevant, and frequent your content


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